About YWBN Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Young Women in Business Network (Pty) Ltd (YWBN) is a broad based women’s empowerment company, owned, controlled and managed by women from various professions, businesses and industries who are dedicated to the economic empowerment of young women and women in general. The highly talented executive members and its delivery partners possess a wealth of expertise and experience gained from working in various sectors which include management consulting, business and economic development, engineering, entrepreneurship, finance and commerce. The YWBN is well positioned to collaborate with other partners who have entrepreneurial flair, are innovation focused, resilient and results-driven. YWBN guarantees the promotion of true women empowerment in South Africa through partnering with key delivery partners within its business networks to deliver on high-profile engagements which benefit women-owned enterprises.


Our vision is to be an investment company that is not only known for facilitating the empowerment of women through investments and financial independence but a company that uplifts women across the spectrum by enabling them to assist with transformation in their own communities. 


To negotiate BEE deals and operational joint ventures to leverage in the BEE initiatives in South Africa

To encourage the culture of investing and saving

To establish synergistic relationships with businesses that result in measurable and sustained benefits for all stakeholders

To establish YWBN associations and BEE partner relationships that go beyond investment