What is CFI

 Objectives of the Loan Policy: 

 a. Promote growth and sustainability of SMME’s 

 b. Improve access to financial products, to promote and advance the social and economic welfare of its members by enhancing access to financial services under sustainable conditions by providing banking services in accordance with the provisions of the Exemption notice. 

 c. Cut Red tape and create a more enabling environment 

 d. Drive economic growth e. Provide incubation, facilitate finance and offer business services 

f. Encourage and strengthen governance and compliance

Loan Qualification:

All loans will be approved according to the 5 C’s of lending which is




Credit worthiness


Ability to repay:

Loans will only be granted persons who demonstrate to the credit committee that they have the ability to meet the monthly payments to repay the loan.

Loan products

Procurement Finance

1. Have a Secured order

2. Have order number

3. List of approve Items required

1. Minimum loan R 30 000.00

2. Maximum loan R 100 000.00