What is CFI

What is a CFI?

A Co-operative Financial Institution (CFI) is a financial co-operative wholly owned by its members. It is an institution that encourages savings in order to provide responsible credit and other services to its members at a fair rate - whose surplus may be distributed amongst its members or toward improving services required by members ! 

YWBN CFI Objectives:

a. To promote and advance the social and economic welfare of its members by enhancing access to financial services under sustainable conditions by providing banking services. b. To encourage savings by providing a means whereby such savings may receive a competitive rate of interest. c. To provide financial and investment services to its shareholders. YWBN CFI has the full rights, powers, privileges to carry out and undertake business, act or enter into any transaction on behalf of its members. d. To implement savings programs that is aligned to young professionals and budding entrepreneurs e. To provide accessible finance by removing barrier to credit and loans.