Young Women In Engineering & Construction

Young Women in Engineering and Construction (YWEC) registration number 2014/050388/07, is accredited with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) ratings of 1CE, 1GB, 1SK. YWEC is 100% black women owned and has been rated Level 3 contributor to BBBEE.

We are a broad-based company with representation in 6 provinces

Our company is composed of skilled technical professionals who have decades of experience and are registered with the appropriate bodies 

We have partnerships that provide us with flexibility, technical support and scale 

Our executive team is made up of seasoned professionals with experience in business management and project management.

Broad-based, women owned company with experienced professionals 

We are a broad-based, women owned company with over 20 engineers in our complement, with representation in Gauteng, Free State, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape and Northwest, due to this, our members have experience in the following sectors


Project engineering services

Project management

Technical system audits

Conducting of general overalls as per maintenance strategies

Roads and Earthworks

Construction of Roads 

Storm water and drainage


Low cost housing (Traditional brick and mortar)

Low cost housing (Alternative Building Technology)

Construction of new buildings and refurbishment of existing buildings, new parking and control 

Station signage

General building maintenance including air conditioning, heating, and property management ( Public announcement systems)